Important: Our response to COVID-19

At Inhabitr, we're committed to the health and safety of our customers and team members.

These are some of the steps we are taking to ensure safety.

  • Our daily cleaning procedures are already thorough at Inhabitr, but we're now taking extra precautions.
  • Our dedicated team is maintaining the highest packaging and quality control standards for all furniture and decor items.
  • All field members are taking extra precautions and using gloves, face masks, sanitizers and other protective material as necessary.



Why do I see 3 options – Rent, Buy Used, and Buy New - with all furniture?

On popular demand, starting May 2020, Inhabitr will now be offering 3 options (actually 4). Every item/set you see on our website will be available to you for renting or for buying the same outright.
In the buying option, you can buy “brand new” or “like new” (refurbished/used).
And there is also the 4th option – rent-to-own, where you can rent now and then choose to buy out later.
No other online furniture store gives you all 4 options at one place.

What happens if I buy USED and don’t like the furniture?

First off, you may have noticed that we don’t use the word “used” for our products. We use the term “like new”, because all our used furniture is actually like new, completely refurbished.
The furniture we receive back on completion of lease, is thoroughly cleaned and all defects/damages are set right, so that the same is ready to be leased again or sold – “like new”.
If however you don’t like the furniture at the time of delivery you can return the same to the delivery-crew at the time of delivery and we will refund back all the money you would have paid.
All money. No deductions. No hidden charges.

Can I get an option of buying a used bed with a new mattress?

Our beds don’t normally come with mattresses. Mattresses need to be ordered separately. So you have a choice to order a new one or a refurbished one.
As mentioned earlier, we take every care to clean and refurbish returned mattresses to “like new” condition. We are very mindful of the fact that our customers…you…would be sleeping on the same, so no compromises whatsoever.
What’s worth a good sleep at night?
We often stay awake to figure that out for our customers.

How do you ensure that the furniture you deliver is all viruses free?

All our furniture goes through a professional, hotel-quality sanitation and refurbishment process before being rented out again.
Any item that is not in good condition will not be re-rented out on our website. When it comes to personal items such as towels, linens, these items are all brand new. When we get these items back, they go through the sanitation process and are then donated to a charitable cause.

What does you interior designing service cover?

Our interior designers will help you do up your place, as per your tastes and within your budget. So that you don’t have to go through the hassle of selecting items, worrying about whether they will fit. Or how would they look. And the costs involved.
All that is on us!
All you need to do is email us your floor-plans, talk to our designers on what you like and your budget and wait for your mockups to arrive in no time.

I don’t have the floor-plan of my place. Will your designer measure up my place?

Unfortunately we can’t help you here.
All we need is a basic floor-plan that either your landlord or the property developer will have. If, however, they too don’t have the same (which would be a very rare situation), call us and we will guide you on how to get a copy from your local municipal records.

What happens if you don’t have the item in your stocks after I order the same?

Honestly that can happen. Although our website does have real-time inventory, on some occasions, an item can go out of stock just while the order is being processed OR we find that the item you ordered is not in great shape to be delivered to you.
In such instances, we will give you a free upgrade to another product or a similar product to the one you have rented…and you will end up with something better than you would have paid for.

Can I convert my “buy” into a “rent” later on?

Hmmm….that’s an interesting proposition.
Right until May 2020, we were giving a “rent now buy later option” and this one is an exact opposite to that.
We may give this option in the near future, if there is a demand for the same, but right now, the answer is….no!

Why do I see a handling fee in my cart?

Unlike all our competitors who will not allow you to check out unless your cart reaches their minimum requirement, we don’t believe in forcing you to order what you don’t absolutely need, only so that you fulfill the “minimum” cart condition.
So we have a better option, to cover our costs like transportation that cannot be covered if the cart value is below $99*. We add a handling charge and let you checkout, without burdening you will unnecessary extras.

I need just one item. Will you allow me to checkout with that?

Of course!
And like we mentioned above, unlike all our competitors, we don’t believe in forcing you to order what you don’t absolutely need, only so that you fulfill the “minimum” cart condition.
You can check out with whatever you like, provided your cart value is $99 or above OR on payment of a handling fee, if the same is below $99*.
*Subject to revision from time to time.

What if the item that is being picked up from my place at the end of the lease, is damaged in transit i.e. after it is picked up from my place?

When our pickup staff arrives at your place at the end of your lease or when you want to exchange any item, they will inspect the item in your presence, click photographs of the same and certify “no damages” to you. So you don’t need to worry about anything that could happen after the furniture is picked up from you.

Why do I need to pay a deposit for the furniture I am renting?

Allow us to be completely honest here.
We would be giving you furniture that costs much more than the total rent you would be paying us, and which will be paid to us on a monthly basis through the lease period. So we need to cover ourselves, you would appreciate. Fair, isn’t it?
The deposit you pay, is however fully refundable at the end of the lease.
And if you are not willing to block your money (and we understand that) you can opt to buy coverage that is added to your monthly rent. Your monthly payment will increase a bit, but you can avoid paying a deposit.

I don’t like some items in a particular package. Can I drop them or choose something else from a different package?

Yes, absolutely.
You can drop anything you don’t want or like OR swap it with something that you like somewhere else, like in a different package. Our experts will help you with the same. The difference in monthly lease amount OR in costs if you are buying out the same, will be informed to you.

In the rent-to-own option, do I have the option of used vs. new?

Yes, you do. When placing your order, connect with our experts and they will help you with the same.

If I buy “break-free” and complete the lease period, will there be a refund?

"Break-free" is a protection, insurance (if you may) from needing to end your lease early.
You will appreciate that the monthly rental amount is not static and is calculated based on the period of lease and hence any premature ending of a lease upsets the calculation.
But we appreciate that many things in life are not certain and things can change for you. Which is why we offer “break-free” – your protection from uncertainty.
And like medical or any other insurance that you buy to protect yourself from uncertainties, there cannot be a refund for the event not happening.
Fair, isn’t it?

I want to buy NEW furniture from you. Is there an option to sell it back to you?

Another interesting proposition!
We may give this option, if there is a demand for the same, but right now, the answer is….no!

What does coverage fee include?

Almost all kinds of damages to the furniture.

How does protection fee work for buying furniture?

Just like any insurance cover you buy for your purchases, your valuables.
The coverage will, for the period it is bought for, cover you from all damages. (List the kind of damages here).
Additionally, here you are also protected from theft.

Why do I see “coverage” when I remove “deposit” from cart?

You have two options – to protect yourself and us, from any damages to the furniture you rent.
1) Pay a deposit that is fully refundable at the end of the lease and on verification that the furniture is free of any damages. Here your money i.e. $199, will be kept with us for the period of the lease.
2) Buy coverage and for a small addition to your monthly rental, protect yourself from damages

Buy Used says “Free return if you don’t like it. 1-year warranty!” What does that mean?

It is exactly what you read.
If you don’t like what is being delivered to you, simply ask our delivery guys to take the same back and get a full refund.
Please note however, that you need to make up your mind at the time of delivery, after which, we will take the furniture back but with a pickup charge payable by you.
1-year warranty: all our furniture comes with a 1 year warranty of workmanship and we will repair or replace at our costs during that period.

What is "white glove" and what does it include?

It simply means delivered and assembled by us, at your place, in the room it was ordered for.
So, for example, if you order a bedroom set, we will bring it to you, unwrap it, put all the pieces in their proper places in the room and clean up. Your room will be ready for use by you.
So no hassles of opening up hard packaging…assembling things together…carrying them to their right places and arranging the same.
Everything is taken care of, by us.


Do you deliver, or do we have to pick up?

We offer white glove delivery, assembly, and pick-up!

Where do you deliver?

We offer delivery and assembly in the cities and surrounding areas of Chicago, Seattle, Milwaukee, and Madison. Delivery and assembly is free within the cities of Chicago, Seattle, and Milwaukee. - Click here to see a list of zip codes that are eligible for free delivery.

For the suburbs surrounding these cities there is a delivery fee of $149 depending on distance - Click here and simply insert your zipcode to determine the fee for your area. For long distance deliveries there is a $299 delivery fee to cover the cost of the long trip made by our crew. This includes Madison,this city is currently served by our Milwaukee warehouse.

Why charge a delivery fee?

Our Midwest locations outside of Chicago, Seattle, and Milwaukee are currently satellite locations. They help ensure you get the best service from our delivery partners, but they have little service staff. The delivery and assembly in those locations still requires a third-party crew and therefore costs more. As we continue to grow bigger, we will soon appoint our own teams in these locations and lower the delivery fee. We assure you that our prices are still significantly lower than our competitors’ — you are getting a great deal!

What do I need for delivery?

Nothing! You just need to let us in the door — we’ll take care of everything else! After you order, we’ll get in touch so we keep you in the loop through every stage of the process. Once we’re in your home, you can either stick around during delivery or allow us to see ourselves out after we’re done. It’s completely your choice!

What do I need for pickup?

We ask that you go through the furniture to make sure it's free of all your belongings! We appreciate a couple weeks’ notice for pickups, but we understand that life moves fast, so we're happy to accommodate what your situation demands.

How long do delivery and pickup take? Do I need to be home?

Our average delivery time is about 2-3 hours. This also depends on the size of your order. We recommend our customers be present during both the delivery and pickup but also understand that sometimes that is not possible. If you will not be present, all you need to do is sign a release form allowing us to enter the premises as well as making sure our crew has access to your home/business.

What is White Glove Delivery and Assembly?

We make sure to bring, assemble and stage all the furniture you’ve ordered and set your home up to suit your exact preferences.

Do we deliver on the weekends or after hours?

We do offer deliveries on weekends and after hours! Saturday delivery during business hours is not extra! However, Sundays and after hours our delivery crew is working extra hours away from their families, so we charge convenience fees of $0 for deliveries from 5-8 PM, $299 for late-night deliveries, and $199 for Sunday deliveries.

What if my furniture doesn't fit up the stairs/through the door upon delivery?

Unfortunately, we cannot account for cases like this. If there's an item you're concerned about, reach out to and a member of our team will help you decide what's best. If we arrive with an item that cannot be delivered for any reason, there will be a $199 restocking fee since we’ll have to take the piece back.

What if my pickup date isn't the same day of the month as my delivery?

If your pickup date requested is within a week of the day of the month that your furniture was delivered, there's no extra charge - you'll still be charged for the full last month if it's within a week before your pickup but won't be charged a cancellation fee. Similarly, you won't be charged extra for a pickup day within 7 days after the end of your lease.

How soon is furniture delivered?

Typical lead time is 7 to 10 days from the moment you place an order, so orders placed more than 7 days in advance have no expedited fee. However, we do offer expedited deliveries up to 48 hours for a $199 charge. For expedited deliveries from 3 to 7 days there is a $99 charge. Expedited deliveries are based on availability of stock.

Is it possible to choose the time of delivery?

Yes, you can choose your delivery time slot when you check out. This time slot will be pending confirmation from our operations team, and you will get an email when it’s confirmed.

During delivery, can you remove my old furniture?

No, we do not offer this service. When we deliver, the room or space where the rented furniture will be placed must be empty.

Do you offer free delivery?

We offer free delivery in the city of Chicago for orders with a minimum monthly rental of $99! This applies to any orders placed more than seven days in advance of the delivery date, and includes white glove assembly.

Can I pick up my furniture from your warehouse?

No, pick up is not possible. Our team will deliver and assemble the furniture ourselves as well as pick it up.

Can I change my delivery date? How?

Yes, you can definitely change your delivery date! You can do it yourself by logging into your Inhabitr account on our website. You can also get in contact with our team either via email or through our website chat. Your new delivery date would require confirmation from our operations team and then you’d be good to go!


Where does your furniture come from? Why don’t I just get it online?

We source exclusively high-quality items from sustainable suppliers. Our furniture is sourced from multiple manufacturers located in different countries, all of whom uphold the highest standards of furniture-crafting that are expected from our customers. Renting lessens the burden on your budget to begin with, allowing you to pay less for high quality items without sacrificing quality and durability.

What if I damage my furniture during my lease?

We understand that things happen. In general, normal wear and tear shouldn’t be a problem - we expect you to use your furniture, not just look at it! As long as your furniture is in respectable shape when we come to pick it up, there’s nothing to worry about.

Help! Something broke!

Don't worry! Fill out a service request in your account and we'll sort it all out.

Is the furniture used?

All of our furniture goes through a dense sanitation and refurbishment process before being rented out again. Any item that is not in good condition will not be re-rented out on our website.
When it comes to personal items such as towels, linens, these items are all brand new. When we get these items back, they go through the sanitation process and are then donated to a charitable cause.

What is an “optional item” in a furniture package?

It means that apart from the items included in the furniture package, you have the option of getting extra items, listed as optional, for an extra charge.

Can I exchange items on a package?

No, unfortunately you cannot. Our packages are standardized and have been carefully curated by our design team in order to make your home look its best

Do beds come with mattresses?

It depends! Mattresses are included in all of our bedroom packages, however, if you rent a bed by itself outside of a package, it will not come with a mattress; you will need to add one.


What if I need to end my lease early?

We’re flexible - that’s the whole point! Our team will be happy to make sure to help you clear out of your place whenever you need. We'll adjust the charges to fit the amount of time you rented the furniture. In order to break end your lease early without any penalties, we offer a break free option for $29. The break free option allows you to end your lease early and instead of getting penalized as per the lease, your monthly rent will just be readjusted to the amount of months you actually kept the furniture. Read our terms for more details!

What if I want to extend my lease, or buy my furniture after it ends?

It's great that you want to keep the furniture longer! Just email us how long you need to extend it for and we will help you with it. If you’re interested in buying your furniture, lease-to-own is available as an option to purchase at the end of your lease! We credit back the majority of the rent you pay towards the purchase of your furniture. Please email us at or talk to an Inhabitr rep if you would like to purchase your furniture at the end of your lease! So if you’re looking to buy, just rent today and decide tomorrow!

Do you do daily rentals, or rentals for parties and events? What’s the shortest lease you offer?

Yes we do! Our shortest lease length is one month, but if you need furniture for shorter than a month it’s no problem at all! The price for any rental of less than a month is the same as the item’s one-month price. If you would like to do a daily or short-term rental, you can have the pick-up scheduled immediately to suit your needs. Just take out a one-month lease and return it early.

Do you do month to month leases? Can I extend the lease if needed?

We do offer one-month leases! You can also rent for more than a month and get a break free option that allows you to break your lease without any penalties other than the difference in the monthly lease price.

You can also extend your lease! You can do that by logging into your Inhabitr account on our website, or by calling or sending an email.

Can I pay my whole up-front lease amount all at once?

Yes! If you pay your whole lease amount due up front you will get a 10% discount. If you pay half of your lease amount due up front you will get a 5% discount.


What other expenses are there?

Delivery is completely free if it is within the Chicago area and your monthly rent is at least $99! This includes our white glove assembly. We have a pick-up fee of $99, which we use to disassemble and securely transport back your furniture. This fee is always charged at the end of your lease, never at the beginning. If you pay via bank there is no additional charge, but if you use a credit card there is a 0 processing fee.

How does the paying process work?

Payment is done online through our website during checkout. You can pay with either a credit/debit card or a US bank account. We use an automatic payment method, so the amount to be charged each month will automatically be taken from your chosen default. You can change your payment method at any time.

What if I’m international? How do I pay?

You can still rent furniture with us in the US, don’t worry! Non-US Bank accounts unfortunately are not possible with our payment gateway partners at the moment. We do, however, accept all major international credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, etc.) from anywhere in the world!

What if I want to change my payment method? How do I do it?

You can do that through your Inhabitr account, or you can email us at and we will be happy to help!


Does Inhabitr perform a credit check?

Inhabitr may perform a soft credit check and request additional information once your order is placed. This is done to provide the best experience for our customers and involves pulling various pieces of information as part of a verification process. It is important to note that a soft credit check (also known as "soft pulls”) does not affect your credit score.

Does Inhabitr require a security deposit?

Orders placed online may require a soft credit check but may also require a security deposit.

What is the difference between Coverage Fee & Deposit?

The Coverage Fee includes the cost for any accidental damages that might occur to the products you have taken on lease, whereas the Deposit is the amount that is charged to ensure the products get returned once the lease has ended. It's important to note here that the Deposit is fully refundable once the assets get returned.


What is this all about?

At Inhabitr, we believe that you don’t have to buy what you use. Preferences are changing, and we’re here to support those changes. Today’s world wants freedom and flexibility. You already rent your apartment, your car, and so much more; don't stop there — rent your furniture!

Why rent?

Maybe you want to furnish an entire apartment with your new roommates. Maybe you’re testing out a new city and aren’t ready to commit to staying. Maybe you’re looking ahead to a semester of school before heading back home. Maybe you’re starting a company and are building out an office space. Maybe you’ve got a place full of things you love, but you’re missing something - a cool lamp, a nice sofa, or a coffee table to bring everything together. Maybe, you just don't feel like spending thousands of dollars to get furniture you love - and you'd rather balance out that expense over time. The reasons are endless!

How does this work?

Pick the items and packages you like and let us know how long you want to rent them for. We’ll come with the furniture and set it up. Once your lease ends, we’ll pick up the furniture and get ready for your future furniture rental needs!

I need furniture ASAP!

We offer expedited deliveries from 48 hours all the way to 7 days.

  • For delivery within 48 hours, there is a $199 expedited delivery fee.
  • For delivery within 3-7 business days, there is a $99 expedited delivery fee.

You can always contact us at We’ll get back to you right away and try our best to help you out.

How do I schedule a return?

A few weeks before your lease is over, a member of our team will reach out to you to begin scheduling a time for pick-up. You can also fill out a service request by accessing your account and let us know if you have a specific date which you’d like the furniture to be picked up on.

What if I want to add items to my order?

If you’d like to add items to an order you’ve already placed, feel free to reach out to us through Tell us about what you’d like to add and you’re all set! If you want to add an item once the delivery is on its way, you will have to place a new order through the website.

What happens if I have pets?

We at Inhabitr are pet-friendly and love all types of furry friends! We understand how important pets are to our customers and have no issues renting our furniture to pet owners. If you have pets, there is a one-time $99 sanitation fee which is charged at the end of your lease once the furniture is picked up.

Please note that this is only a sanitation fee and that it does not cover the cost of any physical damage caused by your pets to the furniture itself. You are still liable for any damage as per your lease, and please note that the insurance we have does not cover damages from claws, beaks, etc. so you will be liable for any such damage.

How can I cancel my order before it’s delivered?

We totally understand that things happen and you may need to cancel your order. If you cancel within 24 hours of placing your order that’s more than five days from being delivered, there’s no cancellation fee! If you cancel more than five days before your delivery date, there’s a $49 fee, and if you need to cancel within five days of your scheduled delivery date, there’s a $99 fee.

Do you have a showroom with all your furniture?

No. We are an e-commerce online rental store! We have pictures of all of our furniture on our website as well as on our Instagram page (@_inhabitr_)!

Do you offer a student discount?

Students get their deposit waived, so renting as a student is as easy as possible!

Do you do staging?

Yes! In fact, many of our customers rent our furniture for staging. The process is the same, and if you’d like, we offer free half-hour consultations with a member of our interior design team. Let us know if you’d like to schedule one!

Do you offer a discount for realtors or people furnishing multiple units?

Yes, we certainly do! It depends on how many units you will be furnishing and which packages you choose. Please ask us how that works by emailing

Will you match prices?

Yes, we will match and even beat competitor prices! Although we are sure our prices are the best on the market, if any of our competitors lower their prices we will match them and beat them! You would just need to provide us with some kind of proof of our competitor’s lower prices and you are good to go!

Do you also offer linens and kitchenware? Are they new?

Yes, we offer linens and kitchenware. Linens are always brand new! Used kitchenware goes through a professional sanitation processes and a rigorous quality check before being rented out again.

What if I don’t like an item when it arrives? Can I exchange it for another one?

Yes, it is possible to do exchanges. The return is totally free as long as you return the item before the delivery people have left your house. Otherwise, you will have to pay the $99 pick-up and re-delivery fee.

What do I need to be able to rent?

We run a soft credit verification for all new customers, which means that your credit score will not be affected by our verification. In the event your credit does not by itself qualify you to rent, there are other options – you can absolutely still rent with us! Place your order and we will reach out to you if we need to discuss options.

How do I enter a promo code?

Click on your cart on the top right hand of your screen, then click on Checkout. On Step 1, Review Cart, below your cart on the right you will see "Have a promo code?" and you can enter it there!

Can I sell my furniture to you?

No, we unfortunately do not offer this service.

What is the Ambassador Program?

In our Ambassador Program, you can sign up & advocate Inhabitr as our Ambassador on various platforms. Once you sign up, you will receive a unique referral code. Customers can use your referral code to get a certain amount of discount. As Ambassadors, you will get a rebate kick back when an order is placed via the use of your referral code.

If I become an Ambassador, what is the eligibility criteria?

As an Ambassador, you will be eligible for $50 per order (rebate kick back) only when the placed order's rental lease is of 12 months & more, with the monthly rental amount of $100 & more. For all other orders except the above, you will be eligible for $10 per order.